Complete vehicle testing

  • Vehicle endurance run on proving grounds and testing ranges (inter alia: "Bilster Berg drive resort")
  • Special tests on proving grounds (including "airbag-misuse test")
  • Road endurance run to simulate customer-specific stresses
  • Test drives under extreme climatic conditions (hot/cold country)
  • Component-specific measurements on entire vehicle


Complete vehicle testing is one of the most high-responsibility tasks and skills in the international automotive industry.

We offer you maximum customer benefit as a full service partner in the complex field of complete vehicle testing. Our superior expertise also encompasses overall project and process control of all vehicle tests and endurance runs.

Take advantage of our expertise! We carry out complete vehicle tests for you on your proving grounds and on public streets, or, if required, at the "Bilster Berg drive resort", which we became involved in, in order to be able to guarantee you the best possible services – both "on road" and "off road".

MVI TVS stands for top-quality services in automotive development and trials and testing. Within the MVI Group, which has been renowned for holistic projects in the mobility industry since 1968, MVI TVS provides precisely the positive customer benefits that you need in your development process.