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As an independent engineering partner to the mobility industry, we are looking for people with a great deal of passion about vehicles and new technologies. Would you also like to make a contribution to the mobility of the future? At MVI, we believe in flat hierarchies and considerable self-responsibility. We are looking for people with a digital mindset and initiative who understand the needs of our customers and want to help shape the future.

The professional and social development of our employees is also an important factor in our 50 years of success. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.



As an independent engineering partner of the mobility industry, we are looking for people with a passion for cars and enthusiasm for new technologies. Do you also want to make a contribution to the mobility of the future? At MVI we rely on flat hierarchies and a high level of personal responsibility. We are looking for people with a digital mentality and initiative who understand the needs of our customers and want to help shape the future.

Any questions? We have answers.

Before you apply

How can I apply for a job?

For vacancies, we prefer if you use the online application tool in our job portal. It just takes a few minutes and you can upload all your documents directly in the system. Please don’t send us an application mail or e-mail because we have to gather all the data manually wich takes a lot of time and delays the process. In case you already had contact with one of our recruiters you can mention this in your cover letter.

Where can I find informations about all company locations?

Please scroll down on our website there you can find an interactive map with all the locations of our companies. If you click on the tag you can find the address and telefon number of each location.

How current are the vacancies on the website?

All open job positions you can find in our system are currently vacant. For some positions we need more than one candidate, or regularly new employees. That’s why some jobs are longer in the system than others.

Can I apply for several positions?

Of couse you can apply for several jobs, if you are interested in more than one position.

Can I send an unsolicited application?

Of course! Due to our privacy policy it’s important that you choose one specific company, for your application. You can also apply at different companies in our group, but we can’t transfer your data without your written permission. Please remember to tell us your preferred entry date, the location and which field of activity. Also, which salary you want to earn can be helpful sometimes.

How do you handle my personal data?

We comply with all EU-data protection laws.
Your documents will only be saved and processed for the purpose of your application. Only authorized persons have access to your data. We will handle your application confidentially. Due to law regulations, we keep your data until the end of the application process (approximately for 4 weeks). Only with your consent we will keep your data in our application pool and come back to you if there is a matching vacancy.

Application Process

How does the application process work?

We are trying to respond to your application within 5 to 10 work days. For a status update we will call you or write you an E-Mail. Please make sure your contact data is correct. Normally we meet twice for a job interviews. The first meeting can take place via skype or Microsoft Teams. For the second meeting we would like to meet you in person — ideally in the office you applied for.

Which documents do I need to send for the application?

We need your curriculum vitae and all important certificates. If additional documents are required you will be advised directly in the job description, or we will ask you during the application process.

How long does it take until I receive an answer?

As soon as we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. After approx. 3-14 days you should receive a feedback from our HR team.

I just applied, what’s next?

Did you recieve my application?

As soon as you have sent the application through the SmartRecruiters system you will receive a confirmation E-Mail, which informs you that we received your application. Afterwards you can always login to check the status of your application.

Whom can I contact in case of further questions?

The recruiters of our different companies are happy to help you with your questions and concerns. In case you have a question regarding a specific job opportunity you can find your contact person next to the job description.

The INterview

What can I expect in a telephone or skype-video?

Especially for candidates who live far away or for vacancies with many applicants we prefer a first meeting via Skype or Microsoft Teams. It’s also much easier to find a date for the call. For this meeting you should calculate around 30 minutes. Its about a first get to know each other personally, your motivation, strength and personality. If you have a video interview please make sure your sound and video works properly and you have a working internet connection. Please also have your phone ready in case there are any connection-problems.

Do I have to bring documents to the personal interview?

No, you don’t need additional documents for the job interview. If we need any data or documents we request them in advance digitally.

What happens during a job interview?

During the job interview we want to evaluate if you fit to our company. It normally takes between 60 and 90 minutes. We want to get to know you at eye level, that’s why a good conversation atmosphere is key for us. During the interview we want to know more about your professional competence, qualifications, professional experience and which occupational activities you prefer. It’s equally important for us to get to know your personality, motivation, communication skills and team spirit.

When will I get feedback after the interview?

In the interview will let you know when we can give you feedback (normally it takes about two weeks). If you need a faster feedback you can always get in contact with us via E-mail or telephone.

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