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Testing & Validation

The megatrends of our modern era, such as autonomous driving or e-mobility, are shaping the technologies of the automotive industry. However, before all of these systems are able to reach the market in series vehicles, millions of test miles need to have been completed in order to ensure strict safety standards. As the complexity of the technologies increases, so too do the legal requirements, and as a result, the meticulousness of the testing procedures.

With a large pool of experts in complete vehicle testing, measuring technology and data capture, we take charge of the integrative and process-optimised testing and trialling projects that range from component and system tests to complete vehicle testing.

360 days a year, our specially trained team covers hundreds of miles every day in test and endurance runs on testing grounds or public roads in all of the world’s climate zones. In addition to the classic test drive, automated driving and its testing also plays a central role. Through millions of test miles, we experience and simulate situations right through to even the most extreme scenarios in order to verify and guarantee the vehicles’ quality and resilience.


After obtaining and analysing the data, our engineers deliver innovative development solutions, making an important contribution towards safeguarding future driver assistance systems right through to autonomous driving.

The results of trials and tests are also crucial for our colleagues in homologation, in order to be able to demonstrate compliance with the legal regulations for the planned target markets.

To ensure that the test vehicles and prototypes are in the right place at the right time, our experts in global fleet management take care of the coordination and management of the test vehicles. For automotive manufacturers, we coordinate the use of several hundred vehicles and safeguard efficient fleet management with strategic planning.

With this comprehensive portfolio of services, we are one of the most successful independent full-service partners in the vehicle testing industry and boast maximum professional expertise gleaned from decades of experience.

We bring the mobility of the future safely to the road.

Test drives

Trials of complete vehicles and individual components on public roads, test grounds and in simulations.

Fleet management 

Strategic planning and management of prototypes / test vehicles throughout the life cycle.

Data analysis

Using the test data obtained, we offer innovative solutions for the development of smart systems.


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